The devtools utilities are a couple of simple tools aiding developers with tasks such as extracting information from Javadoc and performing server log analysis.

Not happy with your javadoc output? Want XML instead of HTML?

Want to get information from your Java code and use in other applications?

Want to save time when running javadoc multiple times for large projects?

The doclet utilities is for you if your answer to one of the above questions is "yes".

The analysis Tools

There are many graphical tools for analyzing log files, and they often have a lot of features and options.

But what if you want to perform unattended log analysis?

The analysis utilities are used to process certain types of log, e.g. JBoss server logs, and produce certain reports based on the logs, e.g. a report on how many exceptions have been logged.

On other words: These analyzers are not for everyone, but very useful to those with the targeted needs! Read more about each analyzer to see if is will produce the type of report you are interested in.

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