Counts the number of different http status codes in the http access log, e.g. localhost_access_log.log. The result is exported as both a plain-text report and a pie chart.

Command-Line Arguments

-rfn or --report-file-name

file name for the report

This argument is required.

-f or --files

list of log files to analyze

This argument is required.

Full command-line:

java info.mikaelsvensson.devtools.analysis.localaccesslog.LocalAccessLogAnalyzer -cp [class path]
    --report-file-name <output report file path>
    --files <input log files>


analysis$ mvn clean install dependency:copy-dependencies


Usage example:

    java info.mikaelsvensson.devtools.analysis.localaccesslog.LocalAccessLogAnalyzer \
        -rfn LocalAccessLogAnalyzer.Report.{4}.txt \
        -f jboss-eap-5.1\jboss-as\server\default\log\local*

The report will be saved as LocalAccessLogAnalyzer.Report.log.txt

Additional pie charts for each session mentioned in the report:

  • LocalAccessLogAnalyzer.Report.log.txt.2014-01-22-0806.png
  • LocalAccessLogAnalyzer.Report.log.txt.2014-01-22-1033.png
  • ...

Note how {4} in the "rfn" argument value is replaced by the name of the log file's folder.

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