There are many graphical tools for analyzing log files, and they often have a lot of features and options. However, graphical tools are only good as long as you are there, in person, to analyze the logs. What if you want to perform unattended log analysis?

Here you will find some simple command-line tools for analyzing certain types of log files. Each utility is designed to a particular log and will analyze it from a certain point-of-view, e.g. counting the number of exceptions in the log or measuring the average response time.

On other words: These analyzers are not for everyone, but very useful to those with the targeted needs! Read more about each analyzer to see if is will produce the type of report you are interested in.


Summarizes DB2 event log generated by the db2evmon utility.


Tool explicitly designed to aid in the analysis of DB2 statistics information acquired by repeatedly exporting information from views/functions such as MON_GET_TABLE to text files. The name of each such text file must contain a timestamp of some sort. All lines of all input files must have the same number of columns.


Counts the number of different http status codes in the http access log, e.g. localhost_access_log.log. The result is exported as both a plain-text report and a pie chart.


Utility for summarizing the JBoss server log file based on message categories and priorities.

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